NAAC Certificate

International Students Speak

"Studying at SIMC has given me the opportunity to study and meet with students from many different countries. The teachers have been really friendly, supportive and enthusiastic. The facilities are amazing!"

Tashi Lhamo
BBA 2013-’16

"My decision to study in India wasn’t an easy one to make; the thoughts of new people, different learning systems and new environment were all frightening. But to my surprise, SIMC turned out to be one of my greatest and most enriching experiences in terms of learning and skill development. I am also grateful to the faculty who have always encouraged me."

BBA 2013-’16

"When I started searching for good universities and institutes offering business administration studies in India, my friends who are studying in India, suggested SIMC, Subharti University, Meerut as one of the premier and top ranking colleges in the field of Business administration studies. I feel fortunate to be a student of this college. "

Karma Lhamo
BBA 2013-’16

"We are blessed to be a part of SIMC. The college has a very conducive atmosphere for education and research. Also, it allows one to continue higher studies in the same college. We get plenty of opportunities to develop our all round personalities not only through excellent academic atmosphere but also through various co-curricular, cultural and sports activities. "

Binod Pantha
BBA 2013-’16

"The B.B.A. program at SIMC is believed to be one of the best courses offered at SVSU. It not only made me better academically and professionally but also helped me test my capabilities to further excel in this field. Both the faculty as well as the staff made the learning experience enjoyable and intellectual. "

Willie Musango
B.B.A. 2014-’17

"It has been two years that I came to India for my degree study in SIMC. Since my arrival in the college, my life has been full of excitement and inspiration. I got my drive from my curriculum through the knowledge given in lectures and industrial visits and seminars. Its good to be here!! "

BBA 2013-’16

" One thing that strikes me the most about SIMC is the breadth of opportunity for both academic and personal development. I feel that the style of teaching hasn’t just been about spoon-feeding but more about developing as an all-round professional. "

Chencho Sherpa
BBA 2013-’16

" India is not my motherland but my experience here has been a phenomenal one so far because of choosing SIMC. I'm in III sem now and feels as if SIMC has helped shape me both as a future professional and as a person. I've met friends here from all across the world with thanks to the truly multicultural environment Subharti University offers. "

BBA 2013-’16