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  • Library is a Temple of Knowledge. Library is housed with 7663 of Books and Back volumes. Back volumes of Journals and Reporters. The Library Procures 64 periodicals including 04 newspapers. Of these 16 are reporters, 22 Journals and remaining are the magazines. To meet the needs of techno-buddies and to avail the fruits of technology all books and reference material are bar coded with library automation, service Libguru and TLSS OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue) to search the library books, research material, periodicals and to learn more about the library. Library also provides photocopying facility. The library is an active member of the Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law (Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut) to facilitate students for further research.


    Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 6.00 pm

    Saturday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Reading room with reference book open on all days between 8:00 am – 6:00 pm


    Policies of the library will apply to all the library patrons: Teaching and non teaching faculty, students and visitors. Library authorities can withdraw the library services to a particular user on violation of Library Policies or misconduct by the user.

    Student Identity card is compulsory to avail the services of the library.

    Users are requested to avoid conversation and discussion that will disturb other readers. Library hall is meant for individual study only.

    Users should not disturb the arrangement of furniture.

    Use of Cell Phone is strictly prohibited in the library.

    Library users are requested to not to reshelf the materials (Books, Journals, etc.): the library staff will do it for you.
    Books and Bound Volumes should be handled with care.

    Defects found in the Books and Bound Volumes should be brought to the notice of the library personnel immediately.

    Pages of the Books and Bound Volumes should not be folded to serve as book Marks.

    Disfiguring and marking the pages of library books with ink or pencil is prohibited.

    Laptops are permitted.


    Users can borrow Text Books for 8 working days. After due date user should renew the books in person. Reference Books, Journals, Magazines, Reporters and Bound Volumes are only for reference in the library.


    · An Exhaustive Commentary on The Right to Information Act 2005

    · Commentaries on Mahommedan Law

    · Commentaries on the Hindu Law

    · Commentary of Protection of Women form domestic violence act 2005

    · Commentary on Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

    · Commentary on Consumer Protection Act. 1986

    · Commentary on Contempt of Courts Act, 1971

    · Commentary on Employees compensation Act

    · Commentary on Human Rights

    · Commentary on India Penal Code

    · Commentary on Indian Contract Act & Tenders

    · Commentary on Indian Succession act, 1925

    · Commentary on Information Technology Act

    · Commentary on Information Technology Act

    · Commentary on Law of Defamation Damages & Malicious Prosecution

    · Commentary on Law of Defamation Damages & Malicious Prosecution (Civil & Criminal)

    · Commentary on Law of Evidence

    · Commentary on Muslim Law in India

    · Commentary on Muslim Law in India

    · Commentary on Sexual offences with special ref. to Law of Rape.

    · Commentary on Sexual offences with special reference to law of RAPE

    · Commentary on The Arbitration & Conciliation Act

    · Commentary on the Arbitration and Conciliation Act

    · Commentary on the code of Civil Procedure 1908

    · Commentary on the code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

    · Commentary on the constitution of India

    · Commentary on the constitution of India

    · Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act

    · Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act

    · Commentary on the customs act, 1962

    · Commentary on the Customs, Act 1962

    · Commentary on the Employee's Compensation Act

    · Commentary on the Employees Compensation act with schedules and rules

    · Commentary on the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956

    · Commentary on the Hindu minority & Guardian ship act, 1956

    · Commentary on The Hindu Succession Act, 1956

    · Commentary on the Indian contract act, 1972 & Tenders

    · Commentary on the Indian Easements Act 1882 and Licenses

    · Commentary on the Indian Penal Code

    · Commentary on The Information Technology Act

    · Commentary on the information technology act

    · Commentary on The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015

    · Commentary on the land acquisition act

    · Commentary on The Law of Evidence

    · Commentary on the Law of Maintenance

    · Commentary on the Law of Maintenance

    · Commentary on the Law of Maintenance

    · Commentary on the Legal Services Authorities Act

    · Commentary on the Limitation Act

    · Commentary on the Limitation Act

    · Commentary on the Limitation Act

    · Commentary on the Limitation Act

    · Commentary on the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances act.

    · Commentary on the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances act.

    · Commentary on the National Green Tribunal Act 2010

    · Commentary on The Prevention of Corruption Act

    · Commentary on the Specific Relief Act 1963

    · Commentary on the Trade marks act

    · Commentary on the transfer of Property Act

    · Concise Commentary on Income tax

    · Malik's Commentary on the Prevention of corruption act, 1988

    · World Trade Law : Text Materials and Commentary

    · World Trade Law text, Materials and commentary


    · All India Hindu Law Reporter

    · All India Reporter

    · All India Service Law Journal

    · Allahabad criminal Cases

    · Allahabad Weekly Cases

    · Company Cases

    · Consumer Protection Judgments

    · Criminal law Journal

    · Divorce & Matrimonial Cases

    · Education & Service Cases

    · Indian Bar Review

    · Indian Factories & Labour Reports

    · Indian Journal of International Law

    · Journal of Constitutional & Parliamntary

    · Journal of Indian Law Institution

    · Lucknow Civil Decisions

    · Lucknow Law Times

    · Revenue Decisions

    · Supreme Court Cases

    · mPp U;k;ky; flfoy fu.kZ; if=dk

    · mPpre U;k;ky; fu.kZ; if=dk

    · mPp U;k;ky; nkafMd fu.kZ; if=dk

    · The All England Law Reports (International)


    · Encyclopedia of Important Central Acts & Rules

    · Encyclopedia Arbitration to banking Regulation

    · Encyclopedia Bar Council to Cantonments

    · Encyclopedia Carriage by Air to Coalmines

    · Encyclopedia Coastguard to code of criminal Procedure

    · Encyclopedia Conservation of Foreign Exchange to Competition

    · Encyclopedia Constitution of India to Departmental Inquiries

    · Encyclopedia Deposit Insurance to Ductile Iron Pressure

    · Encyclopedia Easements to Electricity

    · Encyclopedia Elephants Preservation to Energy Conservation

    · Encyclopedia Environment to flog code

    · Encyclopedia Food safety to foreign exchange management

    · Encyclopedia Foreign Exchange Regulation to Immoral Traffic

    · Encyclopedia Income-Tax to Indecent Representation

    · Encyclopedia Indian Penal code to Information Technology

    · Encyclopedia Inland vessels to Interest

    · Encyclopedia Interest on Delayed Payments to Legal metrology

    · Encyclopedia Legal Practitioners to medicinal and toilet preparations

    · Encyclopedia Medicine Central Council to mines and minerals

    · Encyclopedia minimum wages to narcotic drugs

    · Encyclopedia National Airports Authority to passports

    · Encyclopedia Patents to police

    · Encyclopedia post office to prisons

    · Encyclopedia of Important central acts 7 Rules Private security Agencies to Railway Protection Force

    · Encyclopedia Recovery to Debts to Right to Information

    · Encyclopedia Road Transport corporation to securitisation & Reconstruction

    · Encyclopedia Seeds to Stamp

    · Encyclopedia Standards of Weights to supreme Court

    · Encyclopedia Tea Act to Trade Marks

    · Encyclopedia Trade Unions to young persons

    · Encyclopedia of Important Central Acts & Rules (Vol. 01 to 24)

    · Encyclopedia of Writ Law

    · Encyclopedia on Environment Protection and Pollution Laws

    · Encyclopedia of Petroleum Laws

    · Encyclopedia of Mining Laws

    · Encyclopedia on Law of Drugs


    · Amar Ujala (Hindi)

    · Dainik Prabhat

    · The Hindu

    · Hindustan Times


    · Academic's Legal Dictionary

    · Advanced Law Lexicon

    · Advanced Learner's Dictionary

    · Black's Law Dictionary

    · Concise Law dictionary

    · Concise Oxford Dictionary

    · Dictionary of World Power

    · Judicial Dictionary

    · Law Dictionary

    · Law Dictionary (English-Hindi)

    · Legal & Commercial Dictionary

    · Legal Dictionary

    · Legal Glossary

    · Mitra's Legal & Commercial Dictionary

    · Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

    · Oxford Law Dictionary

    · Paperback Thesaurus

    · Paradise Oxford Law Dictionary

    · Roget's International thesaurus

    · Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of word of phrases

    · fgUnh lkfgR; dks'k


    · Practical Lawyer

    · Lawyers Update

    · Law Z

    · University News

    · India Today

    · Chronicle

    · Competition Success Review


    · Company Law

    · Company Law Ready Reckoner

    · Corporate Laws

    · Corporate Mergers, Amalgamations & Takeovers

    · Criminal Minor Acts

    · Deeds & Documentation (Containing Agreements/Formats Only)

    · Direct Tax Laws

    · Disability and the Law

    · Drafting Corporate & Commercial Agreements

    · Drugs & Cosmetics Laws

    · Environment & Pollution Laws

    · Guide to Deeds & Documentation

    · Guide to Drafting Pleadings & Conveyancing

    · Handbook on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements & Tax Planning for Collaborations

    · Indian Double Taxation Agreements

    · Indian Penal Code, 1860

    · Industrial law

    · Its Raining Black

    · Labour and Industrial Law

    · Law and practice of Conveyancing (Deeds and Documents)

    · Law and Procedure on Corporate Restructure leading to Mergers/ Amalgamations, Takeovers, Joint Ventures, LLPs and Corporate Restructure

    · Law of Arbitration and Conciliation

    · Law relating to Right to Information

    · Legal Drafting Guidelines, Forms & Precedents

    · Spoken English (A Manual of Speech and Phonetics)


    Set of 45Volumes

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