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Frequently Asked Question


What is Mass Communication?

Mass Communication is communication with the masses, "within the masses". It is generally identified as the transmission of information, education and entertainment to the people by making the use of mass media i.e. Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, TV, Film, Advertisement, Public Relation, Internet, Multimedia etc.

What is the importance of Mass Communication in the field of Journalism?

Journalism is nothing else but mass communication. It is the events of the day distilled into few words, sounds or pictures processed by the mechanics of Communication to satisfy the human curiosity of the world that is always eager to know what is new. Since a journalist has to Communicate his ideas to the common masses, he must be a good mass Communicator, who knows how to Communicate with the masses, within the masses keeping in view the level of the his target group.

What are the Chief Objectives of GSVSIJMC Department?

To develop Professional competency of the student and refine his personality for the value based Journalism and Mass Communication.

What are the efforts towards developing Professional competency?

With theoretical knowledge, due emphasis is given on Practical sessions, Research Projects, Reporting and Dissertation work, training at different Media houses, Seminars, GD and Workshops and interaction with the Leading Professionals of media.

What are the criteria of selecting the students?

We prefer students who are energetic, creative and talented. Above all students with aspirations of Higher life values and be a part of the positive and creative change in the society is the much demanded stuff.

What type of language background you expect from the students?

Students with command over Hindi and English are the first preference. Command over one language and workable knowledge of the other language is the last choice.

What are the special features of the GSVSIJMC?

» The faculty of our college gives the perfect blend of Theory with Practical, Professional competency with the refinement of Personality.
» Propagation of Value based Journalism with Social commitment.
» Opportunity to be a part of the positive and creative change in the society, nation and the world at large.
» Exposure tour of the Students to the Media hub of the Country i.e. Noida and Delhi.
» Students appreciated for hard work, discipline and refined manners.

What is the provision of educational Tours for the students?

Educational tour is an important aspect of study here. To impart the Practical exposure we organize Tours of different Print and Electronic media houses at Noida, Delhi and other places. Under creative writing Students visit places of Social, Cultural and Spiritual significance. Trekking tour under Travelogue is also a special feature of the program.

What about placements?

GSVSIJMC also provides 100% placements assistance to its successful students for which we have teamed up with Media Houses like Sadhana Channel, Subharti T.V, India News, and a number of Audio-Visual Production Houses.