NAAC Certificate

Principal Message

Physiotherapy is an all times evolving field of modern Medical Science with various uprooting results and outcomes of its own. Its role is indispensable in proper recovery of all Medical, Surgical and Physiological procedures. Moreover, now its role in preventive ‘Physical Fitness’ is also well appreciated. Career in physiotherapy is desirable for those who enjoy working with people for their well being & fitness. It is the field, which not only adds life to the individual but also empower his will power and enthusiasm to live. Our endeavour in Subharti college of Physiotherapy is to provide an environment for aspiring students in which one can imbibe updated scientific knowledge and self confidence, which is imparted by experienced & supportive faculty of college.
We not only educate the students but also garnish them with self confidence, self development and ability to succeed. We impart knowledge and help our students to become best and first rate professionals whose goal is to treat the human kind with sincerity and honesty & with core value of hard work, dedication & integrity.
The true aim and achievement of Subharti College of Physiotherapy is not only in monetary value of infrastructure but in the fact that we inculcate in our students the core values of principles which our founders believed in. Hence, the transformation of a normal student into a successful hysiotherapist, who is prepared to provide patients the cure and care they need.
Dr. R.K. Meena