NAAC Certificate

Faculty List

Dr. (Prof.) Umesh Kumar Singh

(Principal & Dean)

M. Pharm, Ph.D (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Experience: 30 Years

E-Mail ID: uksbhu@rediffmail.com

Research Publication: 05 National, 33 International

Area of Interest: Drug Design and Pharmaceutical Analysis.

Mr. Prasanjit Paul

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics), (Associate Professor)

E-Mail ID: prasanjitpaul@gmail.com

Experience- 10 years

Research Publications: 04 National

Area of Interest: Formulation & Development

Mr. Faizi Muzaffar

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics), Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: faizimuzaffar@gmail.com

Experience: 9 years 7 month

Research Publications: 01 National, 09 International

Area of Interest: Formulation & Development

Mr. Vikrant Verma

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: vijeetsingh84@rediffmail.com

Experience: 6  years

Research Publications: 02 National, 05 International

Area of Interest: Chromatography, HPLC

Mr. Mr. Prabhat Singh

M. Pharm (Pharmacology),

Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: Prabhatsingh509@gmail.com

Experience: 5 Years 4 Month

Research Publications: 9 International. 01 National

Area of Interest: Ischemia Reperfusion and Preconditioning of Brain

Mr. Gaurav Upadhyay

M. Pharm (Pharmacognosy)

Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: econstant.upadhyay23@rediffmail.com

Experience: 5 Years 5 Months

Research Publications: 10 International.

Area of Interest: Standardization and pharmacological evaluation of herbal formulation.

Mr. Manish Kumar Pathak

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical chemistry)

Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: manishpharm01@gmail.com

Experience: 06 year 02 months

Area of Interest: Phytochemistry and Synthesis

Research Publications: 09 International.

Ms. Sumita Singh

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics),

Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: singh.sumita64@gmail.com

Experience: 4 Year 7 Months

Research Publications: 07 International 01 National

Area of Interest: Formulation of tablet and ocuserts.


Dr Shantanu Bandopadhyay

M. Pharm: Pharmaceutics Associate Professor

Research Publications: 35

Experience: 6 years 6 months

Area of Interest: Formulation Design & Development, Nanotechnology, and Pharmacokinetic & Pharmaodynamic Evaluation

Dr Ganesh Prasad Mishra

M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) : Associate Professor

E-Mail ID: gmrdmishra@rediffmail.com

Experience: 11 Years

Area of Interest: Drug Design, Modelling, Design single and multiple Synthetic Routes

Research Publications: 33

Mr. Amit Kumar

M. Pharm (Pharmacognosy)

Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: a.k.punia85@gmail.com

Experience: 5.7 Year

Area of Interest: Isolation and characterization of natural drug.

Ms Lovely Chaurasia

M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

Astt. Professor

E-Mail ID: bitpharmacy786@gmail.com

Experience: 2 year 6 months

Area of Interest: Transfersome

Mr. Priyanshu Tyagi

M Pharma (Pharmaceutics) Lecturer

Experience -

Area of Interest - Transdermal Patch

Tabassum Bano


Assistant Professor

Experience-4Year 6Month

Research Publication- International 4

Area of Interest-Synthetic & Analytical

Charu Saxena

M. Pharm Pharmaceutics, Assistant Professor

E-Mail Id: charusaxena18@gmail.com

Experience: 03 Years

Research Publications: 03 International, 04 National

Area of Interest: NDDS

Research Publications: 1

Geeta Rawat

M. Pharm Pharmacy Practice, Senior Lecturer

E-Mail Id: geetarawat975@gmail.com

Experience: Nil

Research Publications: 03 International, 04 National

Area of Interest:Pharmacovigilance, clinical research, clinical data management.

Kunal Arora

M. Pharm- pharmaceutics (2012)

E-Mail Id: kunalarora.2009@rediffmail.com

Experience: 5 years 7 months

Research Publications: national- nil International- 04

Area of Interest:Ocular drug delivery systems

Khushboo Agrawal

M. Pharm - Pharmacology Assistant Professor

E-Mail Id: akhushboo30@gmail.com

Experience: 5 years

Area of Interest:CNS

Dr. Jagdish K. Sahu

M. Pharm (Pharm. Chemistry), Ph.D. Associate Professor

E-Mail Id: jagdish.pharmacist@gmail.com

Experience: 11 years

Research Publications: 07 National, 18 International Research Project Undertaken: 01

Area of Interest:Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel heterocyclic moieties, Drug Design

Dr. Lubhan Singh

M.Pharm - Pharmacology Associate Professor

Research Publication – 38

Patent - 01

Experience - 12 years 5 months

Area of Interest – Central Nervous system


Mr. Gautam Kumar
Subject: Computer fundamental and programming

Ms. Princi Gupta
Subject: Pharmaceutical Management

Ms. Archana
Subject: Professional Communication

Ms. Parul

Dr. Tushti Sharma

Dr. Sweety