NAAC Certificate

Four years back I entered here as a seedling new to the world of professionalism as budding Dentist. Starting from an imature stage to today when I look at myself, I feel groomed both professionally and morally. Subharti has nurtured us with love, care, compassion and education.The incomparable motto 'Shiksha with Sanskar' imbibed in all of us will always differentiate us from others. No matter where we fly these root will always be the sole initiator of what we become in life. Jai Hind(Proud Subhartian).

Gunjan Sharma
BDS 2013(Intern)

1st September 2013, My first day at college, Finally I made it. I have mixed emotions.Leaving home was not easy, but I was at the same time exited for my new college life. These four years gave me many experiences. New subjects, new teachers and new friends - all new faces everywhere.The constant support of my teachers kept motivating me always. Subharti gave me my most precious four years of life.Thanks Subharti! Subharti made me what I am today.

Abhishek Singh Panwar
BDS 2013(Intern)

No words can completely capture the joyous feeling in my heart when I think of how AVGSCMC has benefitted so many people these last years. It is the place you learn to differentiate between wrong and right, ability to modify your behavior, skill to manage your conflicts. The place where you have the best teachers who make you understand how to be good by being good themselves. What a privilege it is to be part of such an amazing foundation, having quality/reputed teachers


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” This is being truly experienced by the students of Journalism and Mass CommunRication as every minute of our timings gives us hands on experience only because of our supportive teachers. We feel gratified as the vision and mission of our department is accomplished through us."


“The department of law really gave me the opportunity to learn broad range of skill and knowledge as well as studying a course I enjoyed. Overall, it has been totally enriching experience academically and socially, and for successful career and amazing future. Choosing Subharti University and thereby opting Subharti Law College was one of my greatest choices. I like studying law very much as well as I love studying at the Swami Vivekananda Subharti University. Thank you for giving me opportunity to study a law in Subharti University.”


“Subharti is the best thing that happened to me! With its well qualified faculty and state of the art facility, it's the No. 1 College of Fine Arts in North India. It has honed my talent and has provided me with a platform, which is a pre requisite for an artist's journey.”


“It's really appreciable to be a part of such a reputable organization where teachers don't treat you as their duties but responsibilities. Also the lab infrastructure, library, therapeutic knowledge with the buzz session is up to the bench mark. It is a great platform for the interaction with NRI students all over the globe. In private sector I can say that it is the best college in the North region.”

BNYS 2014

“Subharti is an ocean where you can get every opportunity curricular, extracurricular, academic or practical. The only thing you cannot find is disappointment. As a hosteler I must say it was safe, friendly and helping for my passion. I will say I am proud to be a Subhartian.”