NAAC Certificate


The organization started working as a group of medical college students in 1974. They used to arrange medical aid camps in villages by taking doctors with them to provide free medical care to villagers at their door steps.
When some of the students graduated to be fullfledged doctors themselves, they gave this group a formal character of an organization and got it registered as a social service organization under the name and style of Subharti Sewa Sanstha in 1978, rendering social service and promoting a feeling of national unity which has been its main objective, ever since.


Subharti Sewa Sanstha is involved in various activities related to service to society, strengthening National integration and participating in national programmes. Service to society is being done by arranging medical aid camps in villages and suburban areas of the city and by running schools of primary and secondary education as well as village health centres. Presently, it is running schools of primary and secondary education in four villages namely Fatehpur Narain, Salore And Dungrawali In Meerut district and Sharifpur in Ghaziabad district. It is also running health centres in village Kelawan (Bulandshahar district) Mahalwala, Khajoori and Lohia (Meerut district) and Sarawani (Ghaziabad district ).

In the field of national integration, it conducts various programmes like seminars, symposia, debates etc on communal harmony and other burning issues of national importance. It also participates in national programmes like birth control, family planning, training of dais,midwives and village medical practitioners by making voluntary projects run by SIFPSA. Its activities can be summarised as below:

1. Free health camps

Free health care camps are arranged in villages, suburban areas, schools at fares and welfare homes etc, where specialists, doctors and dentists are made available with their Mobile Vans fitted with necessary equipments. Free service is provided to Kavariyas also, along NH 58 during Shivratri season.

2. Blood donation camps

Every year on 15th September, “Blood Donation Camps” are organized in Meerut and Bijnor in collaboration with Diploma Engineers Association and Lokpriya Hospital.Besides this annual event, similar other campus are organised, off and on round like year.

3. Summer camps

During summer vacations, camps are organized, where children are given free vocational training in Computer Application, skating, toy making, painting, mehndi application, dance, embroidery and knitting by skilled teachers and trainers.

4. Plantation Drives

Emphasis is given to planting and caring of thousands of trees every year in Meerut and nearby areas. SUBHARTI UNIVERSITY is a lush green campus, with trees flowers and foliage making it a haven for all its residents and visitors.

5. Special programs are organized on the festival like Rakshabandhan, Eid, Deepawali with the aim of promoting unity, religious and social harmony amongst people.

6. Anti polythene campaigns, Run for Health, Save The Ihe Environment and other Social awareness rallies are conducted, from time to time.