NAAC Certificate

Subharti Samaj is the social reform outfit of Subharti. It aims to establish a casteless society, while remaining within the religious limits. Currently there are four basic strategies observed to achieve this objective:

1. Mentioning the name without mentioning the caste: "CAST YOUR CASTE" that is dropping your surname, if it is indicative of your caste. Those who have been mentioning caste along with their names for a long time may have difficulty in suddenly withdrawing it. they can mention their caste in brackets for two years. Being founder of the entity Atul Bhatnagar, who was then a practicing surgeon of Meerut, dropped Bhatnagar from his name and instead adopted Krishna from his father's name; Dr. Atul Bhatnagar is now addressed as Dr. Atul Krishna

2. ‘Sahbhoj’, having food together with all irrespective of caste & creed.

3. ‘Sah-dharmacharana’ – Practicing religion together without considering the caste of any person. There may not be separate prayer houses for people of different castes.

4. Inter-caste marriages: Promoting intercaste marital alignments.