About Us

Davao Medical School Foundation

One of Philippine's top medical college is the Davao Medical School Foundation. It is located in the city of Davao region the third popular city of the Philippines. The only medical college in the Mindanao area makes Davao Medical School Foundation a popular one.

The medical college has been providing top quality education for over 42 years for both Philippines and International students. The college has been ranked among the top medical colleges of the Philippines by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), a governmental organization. Also, external organizations such as MCI, WHO, and ECFMGE have recognized the DMSF medical college as best college.

The major facilities for a college such as a campus, labs, classrooms, food courts and transportation are provided through the management. All the labs and classrooms found in DMSF are modernized and are constructed as per the standards of modern technological development. The entire campus is connected with high-speeded internet facility for the student's usage.

Speaking of the labs present in Davao Medical College they are the first and only medical college in the Philippines to have the simulation type laboratory. A 3-D simulation lab is developed to make sure that the students understand their courses more lively manner than theoretical classes. The library present in the DMSF medical college is well established and has unique study room facilities. The library of DMSF is also connected to the high-speed network. Interested students can learn through e-books within the campus.

About DMSF

Davao medical school foundation is one of the oldest and, without an exception, one of the best medical schools in the Philippines. Several years of education and research in the field of medicine have multiple implications for our faculty: tradition, experience, and a deep founded responsibility to conquer the incredible challenges that medicine of the 21st century presents.

The medical faculty has prepared itself for these challenges in multiple ways: the establishment of central scientific institutions, of focus points in research, and of internal promotion and support of innovative research groups. DMSF seeks to achieve its mission focusing through 3 main activities namely Instruction, Research and Extension. And all this taking place in a very enlivening and interactive environment.

We strive to constantly raise the bar for the quality of our research and education and to master the challenges and opportunities of worldwide competition. Our systematic and didactically well-structured, multifaceted, research-based teaching forms the foundation of one of the best ranked medical schools in the world. Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital is a most modem tertiary care hospital.