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Students Speak
  • Indeed, I consider that it is the greatest blessing of the Almighty bestowed on me by providing an admission into BNYS course in Subharti University, India for which I am very much indebted to Him. It is a marvelous opportunity to render my selfless services to patients without any discretion of caste, creed, Nation, rich and poor. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Subharti University for the same.

    Oindrila Aktar
    Dhaka- Bangladesh
    BNYS- Batch 2013- 14

    I felt very happy when I learnt that Subhari University is establishing a BNYS college, one of its kind in North India. It is an opportunity to all students to study these drugless systems not only to protect the health but also to prevent disease before they afflict.

    BNYS – Batch 2011

    It was great pleasure for me getting admission in such a prestigious course like BNYS in India especially in an institute which is named in hour of MAHARIHI AUROBINDO, the one of the greatest sages in the contemporary world and grateful to the Subharti University for giving me such an opportunity which will provide me a great opportunity to serve the humanity through naturopathy- the holistic treatment modality.

    S.I.M.Sagar Sagir
    BNYS –Batch 2012-13

    “My experience with Subharti Institute of Technology & Engineering is possibly unique that often reminds me of some of the most admirable moments in my life. For the past Two years of my institutionalized learning, I have become accustomed to be surrounded with the academics familiar to me as my friends and those who are like me. I would definitely recommend SITE as the place for study because of the extent of knowledge one can gain during a study course and the pleasant experience of mixing with people from diverse places and cultures. The program has definitely expanded my horizon brought enormous career opportunities and offered flexibility to learn and specialize in several fields.

    M.Tech - (EC) FROM NEPAL

    “The course in which I study is truly very comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects. The faculties come from a wide variety of regional and family backgrounds coming from all over the world. The course content gave me the exposure to a lot of new ideas and styles. Our professors are undoubtedly superb. Not only my professors have taken active interest in my academic and professional success, but also each one of them has brought a genuine passion to the classroom that has inspired and motivated me as student.”

    “My experience in Subharti has been nothing short of being pleasant. My classes are just the right size and course offerings span a wide array of subjects. All of my professors have a unique specialty within their subject that they are more than willing to share with the students. Despite these positives, I must say that interaction with fellow students is what makes the program most rewarding. Classroom discussions are student-centered and often eye opener because any and all students have the opportunity to express themselves”.

    Diploma Civil FROM BHUTAN

    I am indeed overwhelmed by intensely friendly atmosphere and truly cost effective education and training. The excellent courseware and learned faculty of VNSIJMC have helped me to acquire knowledge and develop necessary skills to work in the competitive show world.
    BJMC 1st - 2013-2014

    The education and training at VNSIJMC have been an enriching experience which has transformed me into an excellent performer in communication. At our college we encourage to think differently and develop our skills for successful career in the Entertainment and Media Industry.

    BJMC 1st - 2013-2014

    ‘The experience of studying in Subharti Medical College is exhilarating. My department of forensic medicine is well-equipped and with adequate teachers and professors. My head of department has changed the face of teaching faculties in this college and department. I thank everyone who suggested me to do this course and from this university. The campus is excellent and staying facilities are very good and comfortable with 24 hours light and water. I hope the future students applying for any courses here will prosper in their respective fields.’
    Dr. Warda Ashraf,
    M.D. Forensic Medicine-2013
    Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

    My life is all about career growth and an overall personality development, with the encouragement of my mother, after coming to this college,I have undergone into complete transformation . Apart from a wonderful teaching experience, the college taught me about the life skills, responsibilities and adoptability.

    Dr. Ashish Shukla,

    It has been a memorable journey of 3 years in subharti medical college. I got a very comfortable & welcoming environment in the college and elobrative guidance from the faculty into building up of my career as an orthopedics. I will always remember & cherish the days spent in the campus.
    Dr. Akshat Goel,
    MS (Ortho)-2010

    ‘My views for subharti college of physiotherapy is that it is the college which is well set with clinics, libraries and teaching facilities and they have highly qualified teaching faculty. I am proud to myself be a part of this college’.

    Dr. Danish Nauman,

    ‘Subharti an Institute of knowledge with passion. It is the only institute which makes my dreams come true. It is the place where the seed of knowledge, enthusiasm and career grows up to a fruitful tree with blossom’.

    ‘In my opinion, Subharti College of Physiotherapy is an institution where all of facilities are provided for the students to build up a bright future in their life’.

    Mr. Sumit Raghav,
    MPT (2011-2013)

    ‘Subharti an educational Movement beaconed me to an era of knowledge service and prosperity’.
    Dr. Avikirna Pandey,
    MPT (2009-11)

    I choose SIHM as; I believe it is one of the best hotel management institute in Meerut. The balance of practical experience & theory has made me a balanced professional.

    Bhagat Singh,
    Country Inns & Suits (Ahmedabad)

    It is a great pride to be part of SIHM. I am very happy to have chosen this institute which has moulded me into more practical and better person. It has taught me not only the educational knowledge but also the behavior, discipline and groomed me. Being a diploma student I got wonderful placement from SIHM.
    Regan Thomas,
    Leela kempski (Gurgaon)

    SIHM had shown me route to success. It is where I enriched my skills, required in the Hospitality Industry. Today I am a proud alumnus of my Institute, working with J.P. Palace (Agra). At SIHM learning was always interesting & days were eventful. The training methodology taught me to shape my career.

    Nitin Kumars,
    J.P. Palace (Agra)
    Country Inns & Suits (Ahmedabad)

    “The use of living organisms or other biological system in the manufacture of drugs for environmental management”- Biotechnology produced genetically altered bacteria that solved the problem. My experience regarding the department of Biotechnology is very good in all aspects as I got very healthy encouraging environment with lots of facility. It is the place where we learn from our experienced cooperative faculty.
    Ishika Fauzdar,
    (B.Sc -IIIrd year)

    “Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products or any technological application that uses biological systems.” My experience as being a student in this department is really great. I have learnt lots of good things from my encouraging faculty. I got all the facilities here and the proper knowledge regarding the subject.

    Prati Sharma,
    B.Sc. Biotech. IIIrd year

    In our lives there are many choices that we face; how we make these choices determines which path we take and the experiences that we will have. I feel that my decision to join the KSCP was a very good decision to pursue my career. The College provides total support and direction to each student as per his/her interests. Students get total professional training and feel that their interests are taken care of. This is most important reason that every student of the KSCP is on the “Path to Succeed”.
    Lalit Chauhan,
    M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)

    I can imagine that in my professional life I’ll get something better because at KSCP I have been exposed to quite new areas which I had never imagined. It’s not an educational organization but it’s just like a family, as it inspires the students to achieve their dreams by providing a comprehensive plan paired with a mentor that provides support.

    Aakash Asthana,
    B.Pharm 1st year

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